Post 12 of 21 Daily Blog Challenge: She-Ra and Lao Tzu are My Posse

October 18, 2013

I hate operating reactively to things. It puts me on my heels. I don’t feel like I make good decisions when it’s instant reactions. I feel off-kilter and wobbly. I grow more tense, anxious, worried and frustrated. Every decision feels of equal importance. I lose my perspective. I’m not myself.



Lao Tzu gets it. Being reactive isn’t being present; it’s fear or anxiety about the future based on the past.

When I’m operating from my center, the decisions are clear, not rushed. I feel confident and at ease. I can assess situations, concerns and needs accurately and swiftly. I can prioritize. I feel like I have a magic wand. I feel a bit like She-Ra.

One of the things that keeps me most centered is a good long yoga class on Sundays. A way to close out the past week and embrace the week ahead. For that hour or so, there’s no digital devices, there’s no thinking about what to do next. There is only focus on the pose in that moment. It requires me to be absolutely present. It’s a wonderful reset button for me.

I have other tools to help me keep my center, but I have noticed the absence of a good long yoga class on Sundays. I remember how centered it kept me. I’m working my way back to a regular routine.

What’s your reset button? What keeps you centered?

Find it, and make it a priority, it will resolve a lot of stress and anxiety and keep you operating at your best, it’ll make you feel like the Princess of Power you are 😉





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