Post 11 of 21 Daily Blog challenge: Patience & Persistence

October 17, 2013

Patience is a virtue. Some days my patience is all worn out by 9 a.m. As a teacher I find I have a lot of patience for my students. I get that things I’m teaching are new to them and they are learning. They are cramming a lot of new data into those craniums. Some days the brain is all maxed out by the time I get them. I get it.

I notice I don’t grant myself that same amount of patience. I sabotage myself. Like Tiger Mom, I set the bar so immeasurably high that I begin to already list the rationalizations for why I’ll fail, and then I never take any action. I keep myself ‘busy’ instead – reasonable excuses for why I’m not able to work towards my goal. I’m changing that. I grant myself patience when I know I’m being persistent in pursuit of my goals. If I’m not taking measurable action consistently, then I know I’ve not earned any patience. Trying and failing earns me patience. Hiding does not.

So I grant myself patience. I know if I try again tomorrow, that it’s worth the effort. That I will be pushing past my comfort zone and I’ll fail a lot. But I remember too, I will get better if I persist.

Patience and persistence. It’s both of these things, not just one or the other.

Each day you decide – a step closer or further away from your dream. Step closer.






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