Post 9 of 21 Daily blog Challenge: What short-shorts taught me about the cost of our dreams

October 15, 2013

What’s the price you paid for breakfast this morning? I don’t mean just in dollars. If you had coffee and nothing else, what’s the long term price you pay for fueling up on caffeine? If you got up a bit earlier and made yourself some eggs, was it worth the price of less sleep? Did you eat alone? with your loved one(s)? Was the price you paid worth the breakfast you had?

The things we want all cost us in some way. It’s not just in money. It’s our time. It’s our mental and emotional energy. It’s the tradeoffs. Some might say it’s the sacrifices we make. I’m not sure I agree with the terminology. Sacrifice makes it sound like we are giving something up. It’s saying, “I have to do X” instead of saying, “I choose to do Y.” And for some, sacrifice turns into martyrdom. Sacrifice also makes it seem like we are owed something – because we sacrificed so much for it.

I remember being a teen and wanting some pretty big ticket items. My mom encouraged me to work and save for it. After many hours of babysitting or office work, I’d save up and sometimes, after I did all of that, I no longer wanted the suede outfit with the fringe like Cindy Mancini rocked at the last party (please someone tell me they caught the reference I just made). Sometimes though, I happily ponied up the cash for the object of my desire. I remember I coveted this one pair of Daisy Duke shorts.


The Original Daisy Duke shorts!

They had white eyelet ruffle on the edge and three rows of grommets on the side with white satin ribbon that laced up about 1-2 inches up the side. They were AMAZING. I totally saved up from babysitting, had my mom take me to the mall and came home with the most awesome pair of short-shorts ever. I lived in them for an entire summer. They were totally worth the price. They were worth the hours I traded watching kids. It was never a sacrifice; I was willing to pay the price.

For anything you want, ask yourself the following three questions:

1. So what is it that you want? financial stability? travel and adventure? a luxury brand car? to be home every night at 5?

2. What’s the price to be paid? what’s the tradeoff? what’s the impact to the rest of our life?

3. Are you willing to pay that price?

Number 3 – that’s the question you really have to answer. We all want our dreams, but we aren’t always willing to pay the price for them, and that’s the difference.

Pay the price – happily, and then go rock the hell out of those short-shorts!


p.s. If you didn’t catch my reference, you are now obliged to go watch Can’t Buy Me Love.


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