Post 7 of 21 Daily Blog Challenge: Inner Monica

October 13, 2013

Every once in awhile it’s good to unleash your Inner Monica.

Monica from the 90s TV show Friends was a super neat freak who would run organizing circles around Martha Stewart. She’s your total Type-A personality. One of my favorite moments from the series is during a trivia game in season 4 – about how many categories of towels Monica has (jump to 3:10):

If you didn’t watch the video, she has 11.

I have an inner Monica. I don’t let her out very often because she’s hard to put back once she’s out. But every now and then it’s worth it to get the extreme attention to detail and momentum to tackle a big project.

Inner Monica totally geeks out on making order out of chaos. She doesn’t need breaks, in fact she can’t stop until the task is done. Set aside a weekend. I like using her for purging and organizing mostly (she’s excellent at the tupperware organization), though she also comes in handy when I have a garden to plan or a flower bed to dig up and redo. Every task I’ve given to her, she’s totally nailed it.

I’ve been keeping her penned up, but today I let her out, and I felt unstoppable. A project that probably would have taken another week or so to finish got done in 12 hours today.

I’m totally spent, but also gratified.

Inner Monica is like having a superpower.









One Response to “Post 7 of 21 Daily Blog Challenge: Inner Monica”

  1. Christine Says:

    My inner Monica usually gets squashed by my outer (read: real) children.Monica + babysitter sounds just about right though!

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