Post 4 of 21 Daily Blog Challenge: Toxic Personalities

October 10, 2013

Day 4.

Have you ever been around someone so toxic you had to leave the room?

What if that room was in your own house?

On the last season of Celebrity Apprentice (which is my reality TV addiction), Omarosa was on. I love Celebrity Apprentice because it puts all of these people who have been stars in music, sports, tv, etc. onto a fairly level playing field where they have to set egos aside and work on teams. I love the psychology of the group dynamics. I enjoy seeing how they handle curve balls. And I am always taken with how Ivanka conducts herself. I recommend reading her book, Trump Card. She’s a smart, beautiful woman who wields power in the boardroom with a huge amount of grace.

And then you have the complete antithesis of Ivanka in Omarosa. I’m watching episodes of Celebrity Apprentice and every time Omarosa came on the screen, her negativity was so palpable that my husband would literally have to leave the room. He could not handle it. He said it felt like she was attacking him. It was no longer separated by the TV screen. It was in our house. It was pervasive.

I didn’t fully understand his experience until one day I was listening to The Adam & Drew Show Podcast. Adam was clearly having a very bad, no-good day. He’s a crusty, cantankerous character to begin with, but this day was punctuated by him taking his bad day out on Drew. It bothered me so much, that I had to stop listening to the podcast. I needed a Carolla detox.

I’ve never really understood how people can be so toxic, to continuously operate from a place of fear and anger and general paranoia. I wonder if they were always this way. I wonder if they never added more tools to their toolbox, so their only response to everything was to pull out the hammer and pummel things with it, like a primate.

Me, I operate from a place of learning. I give the benefit of the doubt. I work towards a solution, not on assigning blame. I’ve had my share of real-life toxic people and the best advice I have if you are dealing with a Toxic Personality in your own life is to keep your cool and get out that situation as fast as possible. There are no merit badges given for hanging in there and putting up with it.






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