Daily Blog Challenge: Start when it’s not neat or pretty.

October 7, 2013

A friend of mine a few weeks ago wanted to see if anyone was interested in doing a daily blog challenge for the month of October. I said yes, thinking my life would be a fairly manageable spot to take on a little challenge, to kickstart the blog habit again.

Today is October 7th, a full week into the month and this is my first post in the daily blogging challenge.

Do you have that? Something you are thinking you can fit into your life and then it doesn’t work out as originally intended?

What do you do? Do you make excuses for it? Do you rack it up in the ‘failures’ column of your life? I know I have in the past. Doing that (making excuses or letting it be one more thing you failed at) keeps us from diving in trying. It has us put off starting until next month, when we can start fresh, on a nice first day of a pretty, untarnished, full-of-hope-and-possibility month. I could do that. I could say October is way too packed and that I’ve already let a week go by without posting and gear myself up for 11/1.

Or I could choose differently. I could choose to start where I am, even if it’s a week in. Because does it really matter if it’s a neat start and finish of a specific month? I could start today and find some tiny bit of momentum in a small win of posting today, when it’s not neat, or planned or convenient. I could start today and do my best for the rest of the month…or run 30 days until the 7th of November. What’s the goal here really – a specific month of daily posts? 30 consecutive days of posts? maybe 21 days? Afterall, 21 days is the basis for forming a new habit.

So I’m starting today, no matter how off-guard I feel or behind the 8-ball.

My goal: I’m totally going with the 21 days goal of a daily blog post. The posts might be heavy or light-hearted. I’m not committing to any specific theme, instead I’ll go where the day takes me, and I’ll post every blog post onto my facebook page: https://fb.me/kisabirdstudios

Now, words are great and all, but to really meet our goals, we need to help ourselves out a bit.

Here are 5 ways I will increase the odds of meeting my goal:

#1 Post something today – to just get it going, no matter how bad. CHECK.
#2 Define the goal for myself. CHECK.
#3 Carve out a dedicated time each day that’s only for blog posting, much like carving time out for the gym or making dinner. I’m choosing to set aside my lunch hour or 45 mins after I get home from work – first thing. CHECK.
#4 Put it out there to more people that this is what I’m doing – to help keep myself accountable. CHECK.
#5 Make the goal doable. I don’t have to write EPIC posts each day. A post could be bite-sized or ‘fun size’ like Halloween candy, just something, good or bad, on the page and published to the site from now through October 27th (counting today, 21 days is 10/27). CHECK.

These 5 things apply to you and whatever goal you are pursuing:
#1 Start TODAY, where you are.
#2 Define the goal for YOU.
#3 Set aside the dedicated time – and commit to it, whether you decide on a specific time of day or a specific amount of time. Keep the promise to yourself.
#4 Share your goal with others so you have some accountability or get a solid accountability buddy
#5 Make the goal doable. Make it a S.M.A.R.T. goal (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMART_criteria

Doing all of this means in 21 days I will have more published posts than I have since 2010 when I had 30 posts for the whole year. Hopefully of my 21 posts, there will be a couple of gems, but I’m also prepared that there will be a fair amount of ‘meh’ ones and some ones that just flatline. Again, I say to myself, the goal is 21 days of daily posts to kickstart the blogging habit, to remove excuses that I don’t have time, to stop myself from holding back by saying that I need to keep massaging the post or craft a cool image for the post. Those parts come later. Right now the goal is to put myself out there. Even if the only person who reads these is myself, my husband or my mom.


PS: I’m not in love with my title for this post, so if anyone has a better alternative, send it to me and I’ll gladly replace mine with the better one you have. (sidenote: this is the kind of thing that would sideline a post for MONTHS while I ‘found time’ to come up with a better title. Nothing but fear giving me an excuse to stay small and quiet.)


One Response to “Daily Blog Challenge: Start when it’s not neat or pretty.”

  1. Christine Says:

    Start where you are. A big theme for me this year–love it.

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