I’m really loving the paper quilling I’m seeing pop up.

It’s fresh, it’s dimensional, it’s dynamic. It’s got a old-world-meets-modern-age feel to it. Yes I’m hip to it. Yes, I love it.

What about you? Do you like it? Love it?


paper quill star

Dynamic and Vibrant Paper Quilled Star



Recently, I had my first non-direct referral sale. It’s a mile marker of sorts. A sale that wasn’t to a friend or friend of a friend, a sale to someone who didn’t know me – they just responded to a piece I created and wanted one for their own. It gave me butterflies in my stomach when I got the order. It was exciting. It was validating.

They sent me a photo of the piece framed and hanging in their home. I smile when I think somewhere in someone’s home is something I created. I hope it brings them a bit of happiness everyday.

Some happiness everyday. Some love everyday. Some joy everyday. If I can bring these things to others through my creations then I am living my purpose.


Framed Giraffe mom with two babies

Flat laser cut with contrasting back

Added dimension laser cut (top is floated away from back)