Behind the scenes: sneak peek at a design in progress

March 25, 2011

My best friend’s youngest daughter is about to turn ONE! I love creating designs for her girls’ birthdays. This year the theme was rainbow because she’s going to try her hand at creating one of those cool rainbow layer cakes. I got an idea pretty quickly and decided I wanted colored dots – like confetti to adorn the invite and ultimately create a fun shape.

Stage 1: Getting the shape filled with all the dots. Right now just one color so I can focus on form.

Stage 2: Here I'm shaping a "1" out of the dots since this is her first birthday!

Stage 3: A vibrant happy color palette is selected and I set about making sense out of all the colors, paying attention to the hue value as well as the size of the dots.

Stage 4: After many color studies, the final creation take shape - a fun happy butterfly with a numeral one for it's little body.

I think part of the inspiration for this creation came from this awesome sony bravia commercial shot in San Francisco many years ago.

I chose the butterfly because it seemed to fit so perfectly for something so colorful and happy and it also echoes her daughter’s birth announcements which also featured butterflies.

Hope you enjoyed a little work in progress!




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