Love Abundance Fearless

December 31, 2010

I’m sure you’re setting your resolutions or swearing them off publicly while secretly harboring a couple of resolutions. I too have some goals I have set for 2011. So then what’s with the 3 words in the title of this post? Love, Abundance, Fearless. Those 3 words are my guideposts for the year ahead.

It’s a wonderfully simple and powerful concept. Choose 3 words that have a lot of meaning, words that resonate with you and that you can use as guideposts for things you want to do in 2011. Those three words help you keep a focus that resolutions do not. Just ask whether things you’re doing fit into those three words, and go from there.

This idea is not my own. It comes from Chris Brogan. You can find him on twitter at @chrisbrogan.  He’s been doing this idea for a few years now, his first year started with Ask, Share, Do; last year was Ecosystems, Owners, Kings.

This is my first year doing this idea and I look forward to sharing how it helps shape my path for 2011 with you.

I chose Love because I want what I do to be what I love and to have more love in my life in general.

I chose Abundance because I do not want to be self-limiting – there is as much success as I dare to have, and I wish to relish in the abundance of life – time with friends and family, successes of launching my own business, and personal growth.

I chose Fearless because I want to have less fear about the endeavors ahead, about carving my own path. I’ve wrestled a lot with the fear monster in 2010 and in 2011, he is going down!

I would love to hear what your 3 words for 2011 are. Please share them!

love to you all,



6 Responses to “Love Abundance Fearless”

  1. LOVE this. This is my second year doing an annual review based on the outline provided by Chris G. and it couldn’t be more helpful.

    The theme of 2011 for me is going to be “intentional.” Whatever it is I’m doing, I want it to be a choice. Even if it’s something I don’t like doing, I will be choosing to do it and well aware of the trade-offs.

    For my three words, I’m currently thinking “Intention. Scale. Abundance.” Beyond being intentional, I’ve been obsessed with scale and looking at how I can scale all my various businesses up. Lastly, I want to expand my abundance mindset. I think I’ve had a little bit of a block on allowing the type of extreme success I know I’m capable of…it’s time for that to end and for abundance to more fully enter my life. =D

  2. Christine Says:

    You know, I did the three words last year and I’d decided to do it again this year, but I couldn’t remember where I got the idea. Must have been you 🙂 I choose grace, intention, and kindness.

  3. Christine Says:

    . . . and I just saw I’m not the only person to choose intention. Cool 🙂

  4. Tiff Says:

    Inspire, Elevate, Abundance.

    OHHH, I have the chills. Blessings to you for sharing!

    • kisabird Says:

      Thanks everyone! I love reading these, here are a few more I’ve captured from others:

      Happiness, health, stability
      Creativity, patience, mindfulness
      Zen, Zin & Zapatos.
      Death Destruction Mayhem
      Chips, Dips, Whips.
      ME ME ME!

      I love some of the alliterations!

  5. […] 2011, I went with Love, Abundance, Fearless. In 2012, I didn’t do it. I missed it, so I’m bringing it back for […]

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