Fail, fail again. Fail better.

October 13, 2010

I have failed this year. I was going to blog everyday. I was going to say no to things before my plate got too full. I was going to stress less and have more fun. I failed at each of things and others I won’t admit to here. The good news is that I am finally able to break down my perfectionist tendencies and learn that failure and success are both outcomes of the same process. By at least trying, I am getting closer to success each time. When I fail and choose to get back up and do it again – making adjustments for what didn’t work so well the last time, I find success is not a matter of ‘if’ but a matter of ‘when.’ Besides no one becomes an astronaut on accident.

I have chosen to invest in myself and my new business this year. I have been reading and absorbing all I can about business, entrepreneurship, e-businesses, creative businesses, connecting with other artist-entrepreneurs, inspiration, and more.

I have decided I am going to chronicle the trials, tribulations and ultimate success of creating a new business here. I expect there will be joy, frustration, failure, tears, love, accomplishments, curve balls, surprises, laughter, plateaus and challenges on this journey. It’s a journey I’ve already begun and like many good stories, we begin where we are today, not where we hope(d) to be or where we were yesterday or 2 months ago. We start where we are right now.

Right now I am working full time at a small adaptation and animation studio in Boulder, CO. I came on as a designer and have migrated over to the business side managing clients and accounts and evaluating processes, prices and procedures.

Right now I am working 2 nights a week teaching Photoshop CS5 to young minds at my alma mater, RMCAD. I love teaching, it feeds my soul. I think it’s my in my blood too as my father taught high school math for 30+ years. Ideally I would teach half-time and nurture and grow my business the rest of the time. That would be a wonderful balance.

Right now I am supporting and encouraging my husband as he prepares to make his next short film, My Little MVP. Principle shooting is this upcoming weekend at a gorgeous park in Arvada, CO.

Right now I am 32 years old and have been a graphic designer for a decade since graduating summa cum laude in 2000.

Right now I have a handful of prototypes for business but a serious lack of time to put these prototypes into production, post them for sale and market them. This is the most difficult thing right now. Having something that I want to share with the world, something those who have seen respond well to, and failing to take the next step and put this stuff out there.

Right now I need to find the time and courage to take that next step.


3 Responses to “Fail, fail again. Fail better.”

  1. Christine Says:

    Your are creative, brilliant, and have a damn fine (and attractive) head on your shoulders. I can’t wait to read more about your journey. Care to share any of what you’ve been reading? I’ll share something of mine, if you haven’t seen it already: Hugh MacLeods’s book “Ignore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys to Creativity.” I also subscribe to his daily cartoon email, and it’s pithy, inspiring, and usually spot-on:

  2. Mikita Says:


    You and I are birds of a feather! I read that book long ago and signed up for the newsletter before the first edition!

    I will definitely share some of the stuff I’ve been absorbing.

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