I attended the HOW Design Conference couple weeks ago here in Denver and saw so many wonderful speakers. I’ll be blogging about things that stuck out or inspired me from that Conference for a bit, to start it off I felt there was a message that needed sharing – that YOU are WONDERFULLY made.

One of the presenters, Nancy Duarte, gave a truly impressive presentation. There was one thing that she shared that has stuck with me since. She said she reached a point in her life where she had to acknowledge to herself that “in spite of what’s broken, you are wonderfully made.” How often do we walk around with our inner monologue pointing out everything we’re doing wrong? Why do we focus in on perceived flaws? Why do we continually look at what needs fixing? Why do we not celebrate our strengths?

A friend who is a recent second-time mom drove home this point, by sharing this quote from Dr. Brene Brown, “We think that as parents, we’re supposed to hold our babies and look at them and say, ‘you’re perfect, and I’m going to do everything I can to keep you this way.’ The truth is, we’re actually supposed to look at them and say, ‘you’re imperfect, but nonetheless you are worthy of love and belonging. And I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you know this.'”

It is our very “imperfections” that make us uniquely who we are, that give us our view on the world. Those things don’t need fixing, they need celebrating. Perfect is boring. I’ll illustrate the difference with these photos:

Bear A

Bear B

Bear A is well-cared for; Bear B is well-LOVED. Bear B is not perfect, not by a long shot, he is mangy and matted and missing an eye, that bear has lived and been loved. That bear is no longer just a birthday gift; he is the sum parts of all of his adventures shared with the little girl or boy who loved him. We are all Bear B – a little dishelved spiritually, emotionally trying to make ourselves new and shiny like Bear A – believing that Bear A is the bear worthy of love and acceptance, but we miss that Bear A sits sidelined on a shelf looking pretty but living an empty life. Although Bear B is not perfect, he is worth it.

I’m telling ALL of you, you are worth it. Everything that makes you the person you are is worth celebrating, for without the experiences you’ve lived, you would not be you, and being you is really what’s worth celebrating. Own who you are.