You are what you keep

April 19, 2010

I spent the weekend planning and plotting and pulling off a surprise birthday party for my husband. I made homemade strawberry and cream cheese cupcakes and we had burgers on the grill, beers around the firepit and wonderful friends to share it all with. The Pièce de résistance was a poster I designed that contained notes all his friends had sent me saying what they liked most about him or admire in him. In total, there were 33 messages that I managed to all fit on a 16×20 poster. I took some inspiration from another poster we have that was created by his late aunt Betty when she was at Foster Ward McFadyen nearly thirty years ago.

The “I Am Diagram” Poster

It was so touching to get these notes in over the past week and see what people really love about the man I love: his honesty, his passion and enthusiasm for filmmaking, his counsel and advice free from judgement, how much he truly cares for his friends, his drive, his pursuit of his dreams, even the notion that under it all, he’s a giant teddy bear – sensitive and protective for all those he cares about. I have since been thinking that we are the company we keep, and based on the notes his friends wrote, he’s in excellent company. A big thanks to those who came. I am grateful that you are not only my husband’s friends, but wonderful people at your core.

The birthday poster – subject to my design revisions at a later date, but for now it’s all there and already hanging up in his office.


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