Baby Boom!

April 13, 2010

I have several friends who are currently VERY pregnant. One is a day PAST due and is trying any and everything to get this wee one to make her entrance to the world. Another is a mere 3 weeks behind her, then there are 3 I think due in May, one in July and 2 more in August. Of the 8, 5 are second babies.

I love baby booms and all the inspiration they and their moms provide. I love sitting down and working out sketches – I always sketch first, the feel of the pencil on the paper is beyond compare. Sometimes I am filled with several good ideas, they just flow and it’s wonderful to see the ideas come to life. I find it more difficult to design when I don’t have a specific client in mind; my clients are my greatest source of inspiration.

I admit it is always a bit nerve-racking when I send the designs to my clients, to wonder if they’ll love them as much as I do, or if I’ve completely missed the mark – if the inspiration I had was meant for someone else. I really am invested and want to create something that really reflects the style of the moms/family and captures the moment when they went from wife & husband to Family, or for a subsequent child, the moment their family grew, the moment their baby turns into a little independent toddler, the cherished family holiday card to send to family and friends, all the wonderful little moments we hold most dear.

I have many designs to get started; I’m curious to see what inspiration this round of babies sparks.


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