Where are you right now? Are you where you thought you’d be? Are you wondering how you got to where you are? Do you look back to your former self and want to tell yourself not to quit your dream of being a doctor? or to warn yourself to not fall in love with that guy who is just going to break your heart? A friend SuperstarNanna recently put out a series of tweets to her High School Self, among them, this gem: “Dear HS Self: Don’t hate on your body, you’re about to get voted to the “best ass” list by the seniors.”

If you want to follow the tweets, search #gimmeacall In honor of @SarahMlynowski & her new book.

I’m at a place where I’m pushing and supporting my spouse in their dream and shaping my own dream. I ran across a writing exercise that says to fully realize a dream you should write a letter to your current self from your future self – the self that is living the dream, YOUR dream, in vivid detail. That the more we have a true vision of this dream, the more our brains will start seeking out things that will make that happen. No, no I’m not about to go all “The Secret” on you. You can’t wish stuff into existence, but you can clearly focus and define your goal, and it’s proven that when you write down a goal, you are 16,000 times more likely to actually succeed. (okay I don’t know the real statistic, but that sounds about right to me). I like the idea of future selfs writing to us now. Can you see future Jane Lynch from Glee writing to her former self 5 years ago telling her she would be a Madonna impersonator? Or my grandma writing to tell herself she’ll quit smoking after doing it for 40 years? or my friend writing herself 2 years ago saying in 2010 she would give birth to her daughter in the truck outside the ER?

What does your future self have in store for you? What would a letter to yourself today look like from from your future self? Share away people, I want to know!


You are what you keep

April 19, 2010

I spent the weekend planning and plotting and pulling off a surprise birthday party for my husband. I made homemade strawberry and cream cheese cupcakes and we had burgers on the grill, beers around the firepit and wonderful friends to share it all with. The Pièce de résistance was a poster I designed that contained notes all his friends had sent me saying what they liked most about him or admire in him. In total, there were 33 messages that I managed to all fit on a 16×20 poster. I took some inspiration from another poster we have that was created by his late aunt Betty when she was at Foster Ward McFadyen nearly thirty years ago.

The “I Am Diagram” Poster

It was so touching to get these notes in over the past week and see what people really love about the man I love: his honesty, his passion and enthusiasm for filmmaking, his counsel and advice free from judgement, how much he truly cares for his friends, his drive, his pursuit of his dreams, even the notion that under it all, he’s a giant teddy bear – sensitive and protective for all those he cares about. I have since been thinking that we are the company we keep, and based on the notes his friends wrote, he’s in excellent company. A big thanks to those who came. I am grateful that you are not only my husband’s friends, but wonderful people at your core.

The birthday poster – subject to my design revisions at a later date, but for now it’s all there and already hanging up in his office.

Baby Boom!

April 13, 2010

I have several friends who are currently VERY pregnant. One is a day PAST due and is trying any and everything to get this wee one to make her entrance to the world. Another is a mere 3 weeks behind her, then there are 3 I think due in May, one in July and 2 more in August. Of the 8, 5 are second babies.

I love baby booms and all the inspiration they and their moms provide. I love sitting down and working out sketches – I always sketch first, the feel of the pencil on the paper is beyond compare. Sometimes I am filled with several good ideas, they just flow and it’s wonderful to see the ideas come to life. I find it more difficult to design when I don’t have a specific client in mind; my clients are my greatest source of inspiration.

I admit it is always a bit nerve-racking when I send the designs to my clients, to wonder if they’ll love them as much as I do, or if I’ve completely missed the mark – if the inspiration I had was meant for someone else. I really am invested and want to create something that really reflects the style of the moms/family and captures the moment when they went from wife & husband to Family, or for a subsequent child, the moment their family grew, the moment their baby turns into a little independent toddler, the cherished family holiday card to send to family and friends, all the wonderful little moments we hold most dear.

I have many designs to get started; I’m curious to see what inspiration this round of babies sparks.