day 19 – the hiatus

February 15, 2010

My last blog post was 3 weeks ago. 3, as in one week shy of a month. Part of this hiatus was due to illness, then full time work got busy, throw in some evening commitments and a perfectionist who resides within, and well, it’s been hard to get going again. I think my failure is due in part to the fact that I set this up as a blog-a-day and though I had a loose plan, I didn’t sit down and really lay it out so I could follow it during times where I was too busy or sick to post everyday. And thus I didn’t post everyday. I failed myself already.

Like working out, it becomes easier and easier to NOT do it because you just feel worse and worse about failing to meet to your goal every week or every day. Well, the time to wallow is done. I’m sitting down tonight to work out what this blog should be for my readers, for myself. I don’t think it will be a blog-a-day, but it might be a 2 or 3x a week blog or it might be 1x week blog, whatever it is, it will be more regular. Though we haven’t had a long history, what posts do you my readers enjoy the most?