day 18, falling in love

January 26, 2010

It happens. I fall in love with an idea, a design, and then I can’t create anything else evenly remotely as wonderful because I’m totally smitten. It just fits. The vision is so clear, a 10-second sketch to capture the idea and then off to work I go. It comes together and it’s the belle of the ball. It bothers me though, falling so quickly. Is it puppy love? merely infatuation? a crush? I start to wonder, so I push and make myself design more, but they just come out as Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters. Should I just quit at the one? or am I blinding myself to other ideas because I’ve become so in love with this first idea? Is it fair to my clients? Should I just show them the “one” and hope they love it as much as I do? or should I put other options too, even if they are the ugly stepsisters? What if they choose an ugly stepsister design? I hate putting things out there that I’m not fully behind myself. But the clock ticks, and I can only hope the spell lasts long enough for the client to love it too.


2 Responses to “day 18, falling in love”

  1. Chuklz Says:

    Please allow me to gently remind you to pay homage to your muse. Treat every gift (including the stepsisters) with love and care. Perhaps even asking for inspiration in a different way will garner you better results, i.e. pretend each of the three options are for different people. That way you are not generating 3 versions of yourself, you are reversing it.

  2. Rheana Says:

    This fairy tale has a happy ending, though, because we chose Cinderella (even though the stepsisters were FAR from ugly).

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