day 17, fuzzy velvet poster

January 22, 2010

Once upon a time I colored and drew like nobody’s business. My instruments? Computer paper, the white and green-striped dot matrix printer paper, highlighters, red Bic® pens, a tub full of broken crayons, most of them missing their Crayola wrappers that bared their trademarked name: Dandelion, Cornflower, Thistle, Periwinkle, a plethora of coloring books and occasionally the fuzzy velvet print that came complete with 6 pre-selected colored markers.

I’m not much of a keeper. I’m a tosser, a purger. Fortunately for me, my grandmother is not. She has kept some treasures from my youth tucked away in plastic boxes in the basement. A recent expedition uncovered this gem. A UNICORN FUZZY VELVET POSTER, circa 1988, that she FRAMED. Seriously? yep, seriously. She framed it; Grandma gets extra points for being more awesome than most grandmas.

When I look at this, I think how my younger self just went with the flow and instinctively selected what colors should go where and in what order. I didn’t sit and plan it out or weigh the many directions I could take this; I just colored, for the joy of it. I look at this, and I see hints of my future self in the way I did the shading on the unicorn, the colors of the trees, the orange and red of the tree trunks, the reflection of the geese and the choice to leave the doves, geese and unicorn white. I see sophisticated choices for a 10 year old, a 10 year old who was just enjoying an afternoon of coloring. I wish for that 10 year old to come visit me and teach me once again the simple joy of being in the moment with my art, whether it’s designing chocolate bar packaging, a new line of baby announcements, a logo for a friend’s good cause or coloring a fuzzy velvet poster.


3 Responses to “day 17, fuzzy velvet poster”

  1. seekingsibling Says:

    I’m 33 and that’s more sophisticated than what I would do! I kinda like it 🙂 I love that your grandma framed it.

  2. Lore Says:

    ahhhhh so awesome! both you and your grandma are totally cool

  3. Rheana Says:

    I have to tell you that I LOVE this post. The fuzzy velvet is the coolest. Grandma gets gold stars for keeping and framing it. And you get gold stars for being so awesome, then and now.

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