day 12, off course

January 17, 2010

I have fallen off my own bandwagon to do something every day. It’s the 17th and I’m on post 12. I was holding steady at post 11 on jan 13th, but then I just let it go. I wasn’t feeling inspired. I didn’t want to critique anything. I hated posting something not worth while. I had lists of things I could start as themes of the week, stuff to keep me focused and on track, but I felt bad doing that when I have real projects that need my attention. I just stalled out and took a respite on my journey. I might double or triple post today as I have some thoughts and some time today. I’m also trying to be gentle with myself because I never really am. I expect a lot from myself and sometimes that gets in the way of the creative flow.


One Response to “day 12, off course”

  1. Ondrea Says:

    I’m not a creative person – but I cannot imagine being creative “on demand” so I definitely think you should be gentle with yourself.

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