day 3, a critique

January 3, 2010

I was at the liquor warehouse the other day picking up a bottle of pinot gris I really enjoy when I paused and noticed the varying degrees of design sophistication in wine labels. This one below particularly struck me as a label not befitting the wine inside the bottle. There are so many delicious fonts out there one could use; zapfino does not really hit the mark here. While I appreciate an uncrowded label, the elements on this label do make the best use of space.

A little digging online, shows their entire line follows this same format. Consistency in brand is utilized, but I see such an opportunity here for better labels that can play off the AtoZ name in a more charming fashion. They also have this deck of cards treatment on the web site that I don’t see implemented on the labels and that seems like a missed opportunity if there is some story/meaning behind the cards. All those suite symbols: heart, club, spade, diamond – yes many more charming paths for these labels. I’m also not seeing a cohesive strategy behind the color palette of the labels and I don’t know if all the bottles are green glass or not, as that would affect label colors too.

The package should reflect the product and tell the consumer the brand story and help the consumer remember the brand next time they go to pick up a bottle of pinot gris, chardonnay, malbec, riesling, etc.


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