day 2, a new request

January 2, 2010

A friend has been wanting to get a tattoo for awhile, but she’s struggled as all the fonts she sees for tats are “ghetto fabulous” and not her style. She asked if I would design her something and I am happy to do so. We’ve only  just begun, but here’s how the process starts: I pour through oodles of fonts and start amassing a set as seen here:

Then I analyze and start eliminating font styles I know won’t work and start pairing things together and we end up with the beginnings of the monogram below. I’ll let this stage sit overnight and then come back with fresh eyes and further refine options until we end up between 3-5 to talk over. :


4 Responses to “day 2, a new request”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Sweet! Maybe I should ask you for help on the tats I’m getting for the boys, too…

    FWIW, I like the one in the second group – first one on the left in the second row. I think it will look great on our buddy. =)

  2. ondrea Says:

    I’m drawn to the one in the far right corner – looks more tatoo to me – but not sure if it’s enough of her style.

  3. Rheana Says:

    Those are all super cool. She’s going to have a tough time choosing!

  4. Angelika Says:

    I am so glad you emailed me! I am behind in my blog reading. How am I supposed to choose Mikita? You’ve outdone yourself!

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