day 18, falling in love

January 26, 2010

It happens. I fall in love with an idea, a design, and then I can’t create anything else evenly remotely as wonderful because I’m totally smitten. It just fits. The vision is so clear, a 10-second sketch to capture the idea and then off to work I go. It comes together and it’s the belle of the ball. It bothers me though, falling so quickly. Is it puppy love? merely infatuation? a crush? I start to wonder, so I push and make myself design more, but they just come out as Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters. Should I just quit at the one? or am I blinding myself to other ideas because I’ve become so in love with this first idea? Is it fair to my clients? Should I just show them the “one” and hope they love it as much as I do? or should I put other options too, even if they are the ugly stepsisters? What if they choose an ugly stepsister design? I hate putting things out there that I’m not fully behind myself. But the clock ticks, and I can only hope the spell lasts long enough for the client to love it too.


day 17, fuzzy velvet poster

January 22, 2010

Once upon a time I colored and drew like nobody’s business. My instruments? Computer paper, the white and green-striped dot matrix printer paper, highlighters, red Bic® pens, a tub full of broken crayons, most of them missing their Crayola wrappers that bared their trademarked name: Dandelion, Cornflower, Thistle, Periwinkle, a plethora of coloring books and occasionally the fuzzy velvet print that came complete with 6 pre-selected colored markers.

I’m not much of a keeper. I’m a tosser, a purger. Fortunately for me, my grandmother is not. She has kept some treasures from my youth tucked away in plastic boxes in the basement. A recent expedition uncovered this gem. A UNICORN FUZZY VELVET POSTER, circa 1988, that she FRAMED. Seriously? yep, seriously. She framed it; Grandma gets extra points for being more awesome than most grandmas.

When I look at this, I think how my younger self just went with the flow and instinctively selected what colors should go where and in what order. I didn’t sit and plan it out or weigh the many directions I could take this; I just colored, for the joy of it. I look at this, and I see hints of my future self in the way I did the shading on the unicorn, the colors of the trees, the orange and red of the tree trunks, the reflection of the geese and the choice to leave the doves, geese and unicorn white. I see sophisticated choices for a 10 year old, a 10 year old who was just enjoying an afternoon of coloring. I wish for that 10 year old to come visit me and teach me once again the simple joy of being in the moment with my art, whether it’s designing chocolate bar packaging, a new line of baby announcements, a logo for a friend’s good cause or coloring a fuzzy velvet poster.

day 16, in a funk

January 22, 2010

I’m in a funk. I have totally stopped blogging the past few days for no good reason other than I’m in a funk. I want to blog. I want to blog everyday, with cool stuff I create or see. Instead I have spent the past few nights curled up in a blanket on the couch watching new episodes of every TV show possible until it’s late, and what has it done for my creativity? Zilch.

day 15, color inspiration

January 19, 2010

I really should have taken a photo of dinner last night. It was beautiful. I made grilled wild salmon with cucumber-avocado salsa. The rich coral-orange hues of the salmon flesh provided an excellent backdrop for the monochromatic green salsa to “pop”. The fresh salsa combined very pale light green in the cucumbers and yellow green in the avocados to dark green flecks from the cilantro and green onions and bit of brightness from the lime zest. It was amazingly colorful for such a simple dish.  Here’s a color scheme I developed based on last night’s dinner and some help from some food sites to mimic what our dinner looked like.

Many friends have made it through the first year of their baby’s life, a baby who now is walking and learning things so quickly. It’s a hard year, but when you stop and reflect, it is also a wonderful year full of so many firsts. I love going to the first birthday parties and seeing the joy on the parents’ faces as they beam with pride and love and joy.

Below is an invite for a friend I recently created. I really had fun with this one and was thinking about needing to design some more birthday invites, so I’m to create three more just like it for spring, summer and fall. The Birthday Bunny Line. Stay tuned!

I’m still aching for Champion Script I posted a few days back, but to appease my inner fontaholic, I found these little gems for under $10 each!

First up, Glengary. It’s retro chic and I love it.

Another Retro find in the under $10 category is Sinzano. It has several Opentype ligatures included. I adore it.

Adding these to the budget and seeing what fun they will inspire down the line.

day 12, off course

January 17, 2010

I have fallen off my own bandwagon to do something every day. It’s the 17th and I’m on post 12. I was holding steady at post 11 on jan 13th, but then I just let it go. I wasn’t feeling inspired. I didn’t want to critique anything. I hated posting something not worth while. I had lists of things I could start as themes of the week, stuff to keep me focused and on track, but I felt bad doing that when I have real projects that need my attention. I just stalled out and took a respite on my journey. I might double or triple post today as I have some thoughts and some time today. I’m also trying to be gentle with myself because I never really am. I expect a lot from myself and sometimes that gets in the way of the creative flow.